If I don’t find Bharat sir one the I will use this one for business professionals English for professionals. There are many professionals who are doing jobs, earning money for their livelihood, life is passing with its speed everyday is changing with new challenges like inflation, desire of standard life in addition education and medical expenses we cannot ignore too what we are earning literally not happy and satisfied therefore work should be done on weaknesses so that we can accelerate our income and make career successful.
We have so many limitations like
• No time or lack of time
• Rotated shifts (no fixed time)
• Numbers of responsibilities
• A thought that realizes of busy man
• Long and tiring working hours
• No age of learning English
• Tried many places, no result but now no mood to waste time
Fact, it is hard to become successful with weakness means next to impossible, nowadays English has been life of career and we need to eliminate this weakness and be good speaker of English to be good professional How we can learn English being busy professionals and benefits of English
• Time of classes before and after your office timing
• Early morning and late evening batches
• Providing good and competitive environment
• Extra timing on your holidays
• Specific and definite projects for professionals
• It is fake that learn English within 90 days in 3 months
• We know that professionals do not have time therefore we have natural based projects
• Mostly spoken and debatable classes along with presentation on podium
• Group discussion around the table
• Public speaking and personality development classes
• Motivational classes to boost your confidence
• Hesitation removal
Special exercises for professionals and business English classes
• Short Speeches.
• Role Plays.
• Gap Activities.
• Discussions.
• Story Telling.
• Presentations.
• Debates.
• Picture Describing.
• Report Writing.
CORPORATE LEVEL :- Here, We learn different things like :-
• English Fluency.
• Public Speaking.
• Group Discussion.
• Presentation Skills.
• Job Relevant Role-Plays.
• E-mail Writing.
• Business English.
• Team Leadership & Motivation.
• Proactive & Assertiveness.
• Attitude Development.
• Vision.
• Time Management.
• Being Organised.
• Assertive Attitude.
• Exellence in Communication.
• Leadership Skills.

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