As time goes on, the weather, situation, condition, behavior and expectation of people changes . It shows that we should learn to bring change in us to survive in any situation, changing the rule of nature wants us to change accordingly .In INDIA Hindi and other regional languages are spoken whereas English also is spoken but less. Now change has come, people want to learn English so, NIEV is THE BEST LEARNING ENGLISH INSTITUTE which gives zero level plate form for fresh learners or beginners


  • Extra time and classes to Hindi medium school students
  • Kind and light environment of class for new learners
  • Basic grammar with practical examples
  • As per need longer class
  • Spoken exercises
  • Writing exercises
  • Reading exercises
  • Listening exercises

The teachers at NIEV will hold students’ fingers to teach them very basic things of grammar. We are perfect to teach beginners who are at zero level in our special basic level project

Bsic level exercises like:

  • Niev has a starting course for those who are beginners.
  • TWe teach small things so that anyone can understand easily.
  • We give basic knowledge of grammar like:
  • Introduction of grammar
  • Use of Helping Verbs
  • How to make affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences
  • Introduction of tense
  • Demonstrative adjective
  • Use of tense ( use is important )
  • Introduction of modals
  • Use of modals in sentences
  • Connectors For improvement in writing
  • NIEV has tips which are very important to write with grammatical correction.
  • Helping to write many paragraphs
  • Improvement in listening and reading
  • Enhancement in confidence (most important daily usable words)

NIEV stands with (NIEVERS) students as long as they need irrespective of caste, religion, status and gender.