How crucial time it is for everyone to utilize their vacations and get a productive result whether he or she is a school student, college student, working or a housewife. This is the time where people have ample amount of time to build some skills and yes, people do look for gaining and polishing their communication skills. NIEV realizes your crucial time and brings up the best opportunity for all to exercise the learning of English and training within a specific duration of time. Since English is spoken in so many different countries there are thousands of schools around the world that offer programmes in English. If you speak English, there're lots of opportunities for you to find an appropriate school and course to suit your academic needs. So we teach you with proper guidance and provide you specialized courses where the training covers the specific period.

Crash course for

  • People are so busy, they have time but it is already occupied therefore NIEV has a special and particular course which covers a complete course in a short span.
  • SUMMER VACATION CAPM is designed very well in NIEV ENGLISH INSTITUTE so that within holidays it can be covered.
  • Special summer vacation classes at NIEV, spoken English in summer vacation.
  • Crash course for language classes in holidays
  • Special language classes for housewives
  • Special classes of spoken English for all before and after offices, schools and their works

For people who are seeking a job in Delhi, they know very well how important it is to speak English. As we know that India is a country in which people living in different parts have their own languages.

The regional languages are quite different from one another. It is not possible for everyone to know ten or fourteen languages. We do not have any common language at present, except English. English also improves the quality of life.

Thus, it is important to mark English as a strong language as it helps different natives of different regional dialects to communicate with each other. English is a language which links us with the outside world.