With the running competition in the market, everyone is seeking out for the best job and very few are able to access it. According to a survey, it is observed that not many are having the right approach and interactive skills which are halting the process of cracking the interview.

Interviews can be conducted face-to-face, by telephone or Skype, or even by email and these rounds significantly demands flamboyant English and fluent speaking. NIEV takes up the responsibility of providing you the proper training & teaching of dealing with the interview rounds and also to give the same exposure of all the sessions which are conducted like GD PI rounds that are the group discussions and personal interview rounds.

Here we also teach you

  • time management skills
  • Dressing up the right attire
  • how to keep unwavering focus and attention before interview
  • how to give introductions
  • proper body language training

We often conduct such sessions to develop these changes and constant practice to bring brisk effects and results.

NIEV trains you professionally by making the student go through all the possible situations of spoken activities, as the presence of mind is tested through verbal methods. The speed by which you can answer correctly and at the same time how accurate you can be. It can take the shortest span of time for the interviewer to recruit the individual.

NIEV has successfully helped many students who have cleared their interview by adopting our learning techniques