There was a time, people used to have time for doing their work within 24 hours. The Old Generation had a perfect time table and frame work within that they used to accomplish their works whereas the new Generation does not have time the more we are using technology the more busy. Time has changed so many things also. New technology is being used in society moreover; students are becoming habitual of mobiles, laptops and computers that makes students so fast and advanced for fulfilling their needs we provide our ‘online classes for spoken English’.

NIEV ONLINE CLASSES have many benefits for students:

  • We give this facility to make groups for building the environment.
  • No English environment near our surrounding by online classes NIEV Supports.
  • If students miss their class later they can avail of our online class on the same day.
  • Time saving.
  • Curtailing of transportation.
  • Safe from pollution and traffic jams.

This world is becoming thin day by day as new technology is being used. Today we can talk as well as see the person who is far from us. This thing inspires us to develop well designed and managed online classes.