As we know that there are countless institutes here and there. They have different strategies for giving admissions, some they give inquiry and candidates agree they take admissions as a simple way to fill the normal form and pay money and join. However NIEV has an authentic measurement to check the level of candidates. NIEV has F.L.T (test) which is of two types written and spoken test in which we Check L.S.W.R. (listening, speaking, writing and reading).

Pre actions before admission

  • Adhar cards photo copy
  • One passport size photo.
  • Monetary formalities
  • Filling admissions forms
  • Issuing I.D number
  • Entry tickets for entering into the class
  • Making acknowledgement

All these actions make NIEV an authentic institute of east Delhi. Genuine tests are there to measure you literally where you have problems in English. In addition, the doctor examines the patient through testing and scanning. Similarly we check students and their problems then suggest them the best batch of the best teacher as per their best timing. Our F.L.T (Test) denotes weaknesses of candidates:-

  • Hesitation
  • Grammar errors
  • Short vocabulary
  • Feeling of blank
  • Less ideas
  • Where is the problem in speaking, listening or writing?
  • Writing problems in Emails , drafting or making report
  • Understanding accent problems

Actually what problems candidates are facing, we come to know through this test hence; it is a very important test before admission to find the best project for students. F.L.T (test) stands with many benefits

  • It is the mirror of our weaknesses.
  • It shows a real picture of English.
  • It reveals the truth of our illusion that we know English or not or how much.
  • It helps to understand the actual level of students.
  • It brings clarity in choosing the course like

This test is conducted without charge (free inquiry)