The qualities or traits of a leader reflect that a person in every aspect can lead any task because that person is confident, optimistic and clear with his goal and is a good decision maker. Such a person seems to be carrying a good personality who can excel in this world. Personality development is all about giving a spark from your inner self and enlightening your confidence to bring flexibility in communication and bringing up a positive change in your body language. Considering all these necessary factors, NIEV has been working and giving training to the students and is successfully driving out their potential and courage to speak in front of this world.

The students here in our coaching center are becoming expressive and are attaining the right attitude which is making a comfortable environment for them to learn and explore. Making all the amendments, “NIEV- the English training institute” emphasizes more and more the cultivation of personality of students and has brought a wide positive result within years of working dedicatedly. Listening and comprehending the problems of students has been an exercise adopted by teachers to rectify it.

Here , NIEV is giving students the proper communication training where the practice of debate, presentations, group discussions , panel rounds ,corporate world exposure ,interactive sessions and many more activities are done to evolve their fluent speaking and is conducted under an accurate environment. We have a variable range of students, some of them are school going or college going and some of them are working or looking out for interviews where everyone is able to obtain and capitalize the best out of training methods.

“NOT ONLY the concern is your speaking, but also to give you an optimistic attitude.