It is very important to understand the fact that some people know grammar because we study in schools and colleges. Everything comes to mind whereas nothing comes on tongue. NIEV creates an environment in such a way students start speaking very well.

  • More spoken sessions
  • More exercises
  • More debates
  • More presentations
  • More group discussions
  • More practical examples
  • Drafting (writing resume’ article, letters, essays etc.
  • Newspaper reading sessions

There are many exercises at NIEV which help to speak more. It is very much clear that the more we speak the more we will improve in speaking. We make our students able to speak slowly. Later they speak fast. No one can learn English in a translation based way, why is it so when we start speaking we cannot translate and speak simultaneously. Spoken English classes at NIEV are known because of its spoken environment. Projects of NIEV

  • TPractical spoken English instead of bookish pattern
  • Emphasize on General English which is used in our daily life
  • Daily usable words
  • Fluency in rate of speech
  • We can speak longer
  • Direct indirect
  • Participles , gerund and infinitive

It is the second level of NIEV in which hard practice of speaking and listening is there. From this level students get too much confidence to speak English because we make

students able to read newspapers, storytelling, role plays, debate and corporate level group discussions.