The inspiration that we get from somebody or something which sparks us to do at least makes us think positively which fills enthusiasm, energy and confidence in us that power NIEV gives to students. The path of success is always difficult, hard and long too, walking on that path is not a cup of tea or bed tea. We need to perspire for success; we will have to have passion and patience.

Students sometimes become hopeless and restless that time they need kick (motivation).In addition, NIEV is the best institute for motivational classes because it provides a natural and practical approach to motivate people. Moreover motivation is needed for professionals, job seekers, failures, students and especially housewives.

NIEV projects for motivation:

  • Video & Audio classes based on motivation.
  • Group discussions based on troublesome situations among the group.
  • Debate on social issues and share related stories of the same topic.
  • Listening to their problems and giving them solutions as well as inspiration
  • Only successful people can lead the way of success hence we share the stories of successful persons among the groups
  • NIEV has podium and table rounds.

NIEV institute has given motivation to those people who were literally disappointed and upset, the team of NIEV is very much perfect in motivating students because they are well trained and experienced, moreover they share their own experience with students. Motivation is the first ladder of doing anything.

Advanced level exercises like:

  • Upcoming events instead of it there should be important interview
  • Why NIEV only
  • Video
  • Photos
  • Important interview of at least five students
  • Testimonials pages should be attractive blogs also

Readers are requested to pay their heed on this thing whether we think about writing like emails, report making, quotation of products , articles and paragraph writing which are very important for corporate people. In addition, when we listen to English and not understand due to the accent and slang words which are used while speaking, we get restless and feel irritated after our advanced level course improvement will definitely come.

  • Fast rate of speech
  • Clear and correct pronunciation
  • Boost in confidence level
  • Etiquettes in speaking among groups and company
  • Awesome presentations
  • Long time speech we can give
  • Most important thing is getting out of your comfort zone while speaking English.